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Ereky Labs Private Limited is an integrated research, development and manufacturing organization providing scientific services – from early discovery to commercial supply. We offer services in a wide range of industrial sectors, including pharmaceutical, agriculture, biotechnology, nutrition, animal health, consumer goods, and specialty chemical companies.

We offer clients a customized end-to-end solution to fulfill their R&D and manufacturing requirements. This is underpinned by a well-established safety framework, track record of quality and compliance, robust supply chain, and access to skilled scientists. Our approach enables us to forge client relationships that move beyond the traditional service outsourcing model into true end-to-end collaborations due to our shared interest in the science and commitment to project delivery.

We recognize that trust is built incrementally project-by-project and we pride ourselves on the many deep, long-term client relationships that underpin our business and demonstrate the value of the work we do. From 2021 Ereky labs private limited ventured into development of diagnostic Kit and devices.

Director and Chief Executive Officer

Bharathakumar S is an Independent Researcher and recipient of various research awards and grants from the government of India. He is actively contributing his innovation service as a Regional Mentor of Change (NITI-Aayog-AIM - Gov of India)

Our solutions

  • Discovery
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Safety Assessment
  • Research Informatics Development
  • Chemical Development
  • Formulation Development
  • Analytical Development
  • Clinical Development
  • Manufacturing
  • Commercial Manufacturing
  • Agriculture and Food Products

Our Services

Internships and Training:

Ereky labs Private enable the college students to learn fundamental and advanced techniques in biotechnology like cloning, biochemistry, protein engineering, clinical chemistry, diagnostic kit and devices, Ayurvedic and agriculture, probiotic, enzyme technology, bioprocess engineering, Food technology.

Consulting Services:

We are serving as a consultant for various biotech companies. With wide-ranging capabilities in biology, we offer high quality, seamless, and cost-effective services in several areas including recombinant DNA engineering, cell line development, hybridoma technology, Next-Generation Sequencing, protein sciences (purification & crystallography), screening & assay biology, DMPK, in vivo pharmacology, toxicology, and biologicals.

Creating and managing these services is a highly experienced, flexible, and responsive team of scientific professionals who work in partnership with our clients and deliver value by enabling seamless integration of programs across the drug discovery chain ensuring successful and timely implementation of research projects. In-depth scientific expertise, validated discovery platforms, and streamlined capabilities enable us to meet challenges and timelines more effectively in drug development.

We offer services in a modular as well as integrated manner across the drug discovery continuum as per the requirements of clients.

Career at Ereky

Building a unified culture around our values of integrity, excellence, and professionalism is an important part of the Ereky labs value proposition Our staff is the key differentiator for our business. Their training, skills, experience, and commitment to every project ensure that we deliver high-quality research, development, and manufacturing services for our clients at all times. We strive to be a world-class employer to attract top talent and provide them with a stimulating and safe work environment and support in achieving their career ambition


Ereky lab's private limited always will be ready together with research institutes, industries, NGOs to develop cost-effective services.

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